Call for fossils

Do you have any fossil at home and do you want to know more about them? If so, come and show them to one of our experts at the:

Des journées de rencontre autour du patrimoine minier de la Corniche angevine”

3rd–7th June 2018.

This meeting is presented by Christine Strullu-Derrien (Researcher in Palaeobotany) and Sylvain Marçais (President of the Association of St. Barbe des Mines). The local councils, European scientists, members of associations, local schools, and many other people with interests in the history of coal mining and the fossils that have been uncovered will all be participating in this meeting.

A few photographs of fossils found from the mines in the Corniche Angevine (with permission of the Muséum d’Angers)

Of importance among these fossilized treasures we can find ancient plants. We are therefore making this appeal to gain an overview of the fossil plant material produced by mining over the years within the Corniche Angvine. By lending us the fossil for the duration of the meeting, you will gain a deeper understanding of the material through discussion your fossil(s) with our experts—who may be able give you the scientific name. This will also be an opportunity to share how, where, and when you discovered your fossils.

We are counting on your support to help make this meeting the best possible, and in doing so pay homage to the miners of the Corniche and their families.

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